[Фото участника: Greg, Buffalo, США]


Buffalo, США.

57 лет, ищет женщину для серьёзных отношений.

Был: 8 июля 2019 в 04:21.

Обо мне

I am an intelligent professional man, kind of heart, gentle in nature with a calm and sweet disposition.I am hopeful to find a woman that is honest and seeking a long term and committed exclusive relationship. This will begin with a strong friendship and develop from there in the natural course of things. I love a simple dinner out, a nice glass of wine, good conversation and laughter. Later on, a nice weekend getaway would be delightful. Physical and emotional closeness is very important to me. I'm not interested in serial dating, I am sincerely looking for the right match that provides a mutually loving and joyful relationship for both of us. I seek someone that is secure in who they are and that they find their daily lives a joyful blessing. I dream of true love again, to look into each other's eyes and smile and feel safe and secure. I will support you in your efforts, comfort you when you are down or having difficult times. I will honor and respect you and I will look for same in return. I love to cook ad I would love to cook for you or with you. I love working in my hard, it is the reflection of who I am. I love holding hands and you can ask me why later. I am a warm and passionate and enjoy private and public display of affection with my partner. Life is good, I don't believe in luck, but I do believe in divine intervention.


Холост, один ребёнок.

Карие глаза, седые волосы.

Рост: 167 см, вес: 57 кг.

Образование: магистр, работа: сфера обслуживания.

Не курит, иногда употребляет спиртное.