[Фото участника: Daniel, Waasmunster, Бельгия]


Waasmunster, Бельгия.

50 лет, ищет женщину для серьёзных отношений.

Был: 27 августа 2020 в 21:10.

Обо мне

I would like to meet a soulmate. Someone ONLY serious, self-confident person, with a good sense of humor, focused on serious relationships, traditional family and marriage. I don't have time to play games. . For my professional activity I travel very much. I am ready to change my way of living and working for a serious person. The other issues about myself . . . . . , I will you tell if we meet up. Looking for Someone who have the good spirit and can enjoy life, restaurant, traveling, Beach, and all other good things. But also beeing devoted and serious


Холост, детей нет.

Зелёные глаза, каштановые волосы.

Рост: 188 см, вес: 83 кг.

Образование: бакалавр, работа: менеджмент.

Иногда курит и употребляет спиртное.