[Фото участницы: Ира, Харьков, Украина]


Харьков, Харьковская область, Украина.

31 год, ищет мужчину для серьёзных отношений.

Была: вчера в 17:08.


Обо мне

Have you ever happened in life that you wished for something, with time you calm down and stop thinking about it and then it happened?;) I did have such things happen in my life! I think that the main is to really desire and got for it;) In anything and everything. Any way, I am Irina, come from Kharkov, Ukraine. Looking for one special person, I undestand that in this way is not usual to meet someone with whom you can click, but if other people meet their partners, why you and me should not try?


Не замужем, детей нет.

Зелёные глаза, каштановые волосы.

Рост: 168 см, вес: 55 кг.

Образование: бакалавр, работа: образование.

Не курит, иногда употребляет спиртное.