[Фото участника: Abraham, Raleigh, США]


Raleigh, США.

20 лет, ищет женщину для реальной встречи.

Был: сегодня в 01:54.


Обо мне

I am a person looking for a woman who can be a care giver, and leader to my kids. I love to establish a great relationship with my woman and I would love to upbring my kids into success with my wife. I would also love to get to know my wife's in laws and establish a family relationship with them. I am not looking for a woman who cares about herself and is more focused on materials than her family. I want to find my best friend who will raise me and our children to success. Will you be the right lady?


Холост, детей нет.

Чёрные глаза, тёмные волосы.

Рост: 183 см, вес: 68 кг.

Образование: специальное, работа: студент.

Не курит и не употребляет спиртное.