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league city, Австралия.

31 год, ищет мужчину для серьёзных отношений.

Была: 19 февраля 2021 в 12:57.


Обо мне

Well am Currently in Texas after going through a deceitful act called Relationship from a man up there in New Jersey,Orange.. I never knew he was married and he lured me to come over and be with him after we met right here in texas when he came over for a Business Tour here. He was married and I never knew so he asked me to spend some time with a friend there so he can handle some problem he was having with his relatives over his house. I later found out that he was lieing to me and all he wanted was to use me for his selfish and lustful sexual desire.. After getting the information, I came down here... I really went through hell and I hope this wont scare you away from me.. I have been out of this Love scene for a while but I want to give it a try since I cant remain single for the rest of my life... so you can mail me Julietsab145@gmail.com if you are really here for a serious relationship


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Чёрные глаза, тёмные волосы.

Рост: 156 см, вес: 51 кг.

Образование: специальное, работа: безработный.

Не курит и не употребляет спиртное.