[Фото участницы: Danka, Lutsk, Украина]


Lutsk, Волынская область, Украина.

42 года, ищет мужчину для серьёзных отношений.

Была: 7 апреля 2021 в 20:36.


Обо мне

I m single lady now, I have already achived a lot if my life, I have 2 kids, my daugher is 20 and she is married to a nice man from Egypt, they are waiting for a little baby... I have 2 jobs, I am a hard working lady,I have a lot of friends but as a woman I am not happy, I feel so lonely and really miss my other half in my life I was married, now I am divorced I am active lady, I like fitness very much, nice movies,my wonderful dog, I adore cooking too, especially national dishes from different countries, I always cook somethign tasty for my family on weekend and we have a nice tradition, on Sunday all my family is together, they like to try my new recepies, we like barbeques, picnicks... My kids worry about me, they wish me only happiness I want to wake up together with my man and to experience those romantic moments I m not young girl, so I need only serious relationships I live in the country side, I have a nice garden near my house, I like workign here too


Не замужем, двое детей.

Серые глаза, светлые волосы.

Рост: 168 см, вес: 56 кг.

Образование: бакалавр, работа: менеджмент.

Не курит и не употребляет спиртное.